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I understand you're using the stop sign in your analogy because that was the example he gave you to use, but come on, it's an absolutely awful comparison.

To make it even remotely similar, you'd have to say you should have the freedom of choice to get your own big ass truck and maneuver it into position to block the other truck, all while other smaller cars are darting in and out of traffic and there is just as good a chance of you running over one of the other cars as there is actually stopping the other truck.
Wow, that's convoluted.

Again and for the millionth time, no one is talking about banning guns. What is being brought up are moderate, reasonable measures to prevent stuff like this from happening, or at the very least lessen the impact by regulating types of weaponry and ammunition.
They tried that from '94 to '04. And there was still OKC, Columbine, and 9/11 among others. Turns out Evil doesn't keep up on the latest Federal Rules and Regulations.
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