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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post

At least someone finally stopped being a p***Y and came out and said it. Other people's lives are a small price to pay for the false sense of security and downright FUN! that a gun provides.

Now let's take it a step further...are you okay with massacres involving friends or family as long as you get to keep your guns?
You are never ok with a massacre. At least not a sane person. But you then have to realize you can't make guns illegal just because a gun was used in a murder.

I am on the record as being ok with CA style rules for the whole country. Every gun registered, every gun bought with a background check, a waiting period to get your gun, and a clip size of no more then 10.

I think you can still have tons of fun with guns and protect yourself under those rules.

But I'm not stupid enough to really think that means i won't get shot or murdered just as easy if people had 20 round clips. Its just that you have to give the liberals something to feel like they are governing well.

Are there more gun deaths in the sates that allow high capacity clips then in the states that don't?
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