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Originally Posted by Nuggets4 View Post
The insider that posts on a few Nugs boards and has nailed every deal that has gone down this summer for the Nugs is now posting a whopper. Nugs are in this thing and in a big way. We're working a three team deal that would send both of our first round picks this year (ours & Dallas') along with three players to Philly to recieve AI and another player (possibly Ollie). The kicker? None of those three players are currently starters -- which means JR Smith and Miller aren't going anywhere in that deal.

Ric Bucher was on ESPNNews and said the Nugs and Indiana are the frontrunners for AI. He said our package is mainly based on Nene.

Not sure how to feel about this one...
If they can get him without giving up JR Smith, I'm all for it.

But again, I'm not believing anything until it actually happens. The Nuggets have "come close" to making a big deal so many times only for it to never actually materialize.
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