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Trey Gowdy

Originally Posted by BroncoInferno
REP for Neutral Milk Hotel. In the Aeroplane Over The Sea may be the best album of the 1990s. You gotta love that marching-band-on-acid-instrumental tune, "The Fool". I go high-stepping like a band geek around my apartment whenever I hear it (given the proper liquid motivation, of course ). Their first album, On Avery Island, is very solid as well.
I love both of those neutral milk albums.... what ever happened to Jeff Mangum by the way? Dude dropped off the face of the earth or something. Song 10 on Aeorplane is my fav.... I'm pretty sure its the same song your talking about.-- the circus instrumental with the bagpipes

I've been wearing out the Little Barrie CD. Check this song out.... or this one...

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