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Originally Posted by kappys View Post
Haven't read all the posts but I am wondering what the best alternative solutions are to Obama's feckless foreign policy

1) He should have armed the moderate rebels in Syria - maybe, or maybe all those arms would be squarely in the hands of Islamists just like many of the arms that we deployed for the Iraqi govt in Sunni Iraq. Honestly I tend to think the latter is more likely and more in keeping with the usual fate of arms that we send to such conflicts

2) Should never have left Iraq, i.e. boots on the ground. Granted boots on the ground would have stopped the ISIS advance at the costs of more American lives and American money. When superior armed and equipped Iraqi forces strip off their uniforms turn tail and run abandoning their arms to the advancing rebels it would have required American forces to pick up the fight.

3) Libya - boots on the ground again? I get the Benghazi debate sort of but I am still not sure what the great foreign policy strategy would have been that would have worked so well in Libya. A few air strikes aside the US was barely involved.

4) Egypt - . The military, i.e. our old ally, is firmly back in command.

5) Russia - . Again no military options. Are we suggesting that Obama is too feckless to get Europeans to can their own interests and seriously sanction Russia at the risk of torpedoing their own fragile economy over Ukraine and that Mitt Romney or John Mccain could have gotten them to go along with this plan?

Obama is no foreign policy mastermind but until I hear the foreign policies that would likely have worked in the above situations I will continue to consider them no win situations.
I pretty well agree 100%. Obama is terrible at his job, but this stuff is mostly Bush's legacy. The entire situation was no-win from the outset. We just sent people over to bleed without any real plan for victory. Whoever had to end it was going to look bad.

Obama tried to look strong while retreating, and ultimately ended up looking dopey. He should have torn a page out of the Ron Paul book and just been honest from the outset and said "this will never work, we just went in, we just come out." Instead, he tried to play it like he was accomplishing great things, and so he just looks weak as the pot boils over.

In the end, we're getting the Ron Paul foreign policy, just without the honesty.
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