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Phillip Lindsay

Originally Posted by kappys View Post
More and more the problem is becoming Sunni Islam. The Shia - for all our disagreements with Iran, Lebanon, and Assad in Syria seem to be the far more reasonable group of persons. In Tehran women have some modicum of basic rights(not much but a lot better than Saudi Arabia). The Northern Alliance in Afghan has a strong Shia component as well.

Meanwhile the Sunnis seem to be going off the deep end - increasingly radical in Afghan-Pak, Syria, Saudi Arabia and now Africa. Promoting Wahabism and Sharia law. The only moderate Sunni group left appears to be the Kurds who have been oppressed enough by both Arab Sunnis and Shias to be focused on their own interests primarily.

Historically the US along with Isreal has struck a strong bargain with Sunni countries - tight relationship with Saudi Arabia(where the largest oil fields are in the Shia East of the country), good relations with Egypt/Syria at least to the point of having relative peace in Isreal for whom the only recent hot conflicts have been with Lebanon which is Shia funded. While the leadership of these countries are eager to see these arrangements continue the average citizens are not and the election of extremist elements by popular vote such as in Egypt reflects this.

Perhaps it is time for a strategic pivot towards Shia Iran? Seems like a crazy thought but more and more it seems like Sunni nations are becoming progressively more destabilized
I guarantee you that these new fundamentalists, ISIS, are also receiving a great amount of their funding from our Saudi "allies."
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