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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
Zombie movies have always had good to great interest,from dawn of the dead(1st version) to resident evil. Horror flicks,especially zombie flicks have a built in following. There's no TV series out there that compares to it. They're trying with shows like revolution &defiance but they're not even close.
The walking dead wouldn't have lasted past the second season if every episode was just running & killing one zombie after another. That would've gotten old & cliche.
True... they have to do some "adjusting to the new reality of life" focusing on character development. But those in charge of directing the storyline also have to avoid making it seem like "which character is going to freak out and go nuts this week"? Struggling with ethics questions/making tough decisions for the group is one thing; but for the group's leader/protector to be leaving the group (including his young son and newborn daughter) to fend for themselves while he goes randomly meandering off into zombie-infested fields and forests chasing a ghost just isn't reasonable or rational and it makes the viewer question Rick's mental/emotional state which hurts his credibility as the group leader. The group in general is as strong or as weak as its leader; an emotionally/mentally weak leader who's going nuts and chasing ghosts would get them killed; he would not have the correct focus on "what needs to be done" to keep them alive while he was putting his delusions ahead of everything else.

It's also going to be challenging because with each human survivor they kill off, the "personal interactions" storyline possibilities become more limited... and bringing in new characters is tricky because of the obvious distrust they'd have of any other human survivors, with the risks of exposing the women and children in the group to possible danger from "outsiders". There are a lot of possibilities with the refugees from the Governor's town... but considering that everyone who was even possibly capable of carrying a gun had been conscripted into the Governor's army, the remaining people from the town will be liabilities, not assets. And having become used to having amenities in the town, they're likely to be whiny with having to suffer hardships. "Whiny + unable to assist in defending the prison" is going to = "an annoying drain on the group's limited resources". They did need to find a way to bring in new human characters to keep the show interesting though.
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