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Originally Posted by Blueflame View Post
Totally agree that it's because everyone's interested in zombies right now... from Resident Evil to 28 Days later to Shaun of the Dead, people seem to be fascinated by zombies. It helps popularity-wise that there are websites and online video games and the website to "Dead Yourself" so that people can feel like they're a part of the show.

You're right that a lot of the scenes in the show simply don't make any sense (like the scene you described... going off after her husband without any thought whatsoever about where her son was, who was in charge of watching him, or if he was safe... and winding up nearly killed herself). The storyline that I was very weary of... almost impatient with... was Rick's nutty "seeing Lori's ghost" stuff. Guess they kinda resolved that in the finale, but frankly, it sucked. I mean, when the group needed him most, he was wandering off all by himself chasing her ghost. Dumb and lame.
Zombie movies have always had good to great interest,from dawn of the dead(1st version) to resident evil. Horror flicks,especially zombie flicks have a built in following. There's no TV series out there that compares to it. They're trying with shows like revolution &defiance but they're not even close.
The walking dead wouldn't have lasted past the second season if every episode was just running & killing one zombie after another. That would've gotten old & cliche.
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