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Pat Bowlen

Miller is about as disruptive as Hali. The difference is Hali is one dimensional (he's basically just a defensive end playing linebacker in 3-4) and he's also as good as he'll ever be (that's not the worst thing). Miller made a lot of mistakes, got injured and was a second all-pro and the DROTY. Mind you this was without any kind of offseason, which hurt the rookies most, and Dennis Allen being a poor developer of young talent (usually tearing players down when they make mistakes, opting to scream and bench them as opposed to teach and encourage.)

I don't think Hali is better than Miller right now. Miller has more range and his game is more complete. What makes the selection stupid is everyone of these lists he's opted to put rookies who were drafted this year and haven't played at all ahead of veterans in the name of "potential" and then when Miller has played a year, clearly showed signs of greatness, he's below Hali for the same reasons.
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