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Originally Posted by 2KBack View Post
I don't think we will. People are pouncing on that defensive performance, for good reason on the surface level. Honestly though, anything that could go wrong defensively did....all the chuck and pray passes worked and by the end of the day half of starting defense was out. No one is talking about that's all about how we will be ultimately successful with that defense.
If you had told me before that we would be without Woodyard(who is the driver of the defense) without Von ayers Harris and champ I would guarantee a loss against a good offense. Lack of pressure gave up a lot of those plays. Some of them romo had 7 plus seconds to find a reciever. You put a great secondary out there and after that much time someone always gets open. And when there was pressure romo got rattled at the end. A few of those plays were romo scrambling like a boss. I think we won't see that type of performance anymore(about as bad as it gets). Don't think all those players will be out at the same time again.
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