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Laters loser, can't say I'll miss ya. Thank god the McDaniels running game is officially gone.

1. McCoy didn't do crap in the McDaniels era, except learn how to be an OC from one of the worst head coaches in NFL history.
2. McCoy was the primary person in favor of extending the Orton Era after the Fox hire.
3. He unwillingly shifted to a makeshift Tebow Offense that only utlized go routes, and no use of the TE.
4. He began 2012 by saying that the 2-back set was going to be a major component of our offense (2-back sets were used ~1% of the time).
5. McCoy displayed ZERO Offensive creativity after having 2 weeks to prepare for Baltimore.
There's a grantland article on our offence being essentially identical to the Manning/Moore offence in Indy - Belichick was quoted on it as describing the two as "essentially identical". It noted that we tried different things in the first five weeks such as the 2 back sets etc and binned them after the bye. So i don't give credit to him for basically copy/pasting the Indy playbook.
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