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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
Tebow QBR 29.9 with a rating of 72.9 in 2011. Orton QBR 49.8 with a rating of 75.7 in 2011.

Must suck when your boy sucks against sucky players.
It's awesome when you highlight the awesomeness of a 6 year vet by pointing out that he had higher QB rating by 2.8 points when compared to "the worst quarterback in the league" in his first 14 career starts. Oh and also by selectively ignoring playoff numbers again, which you turn on and off like a spigot when it suits you. Oh and by paying zero attention to Tebow's additional rushing numbers. Kyle says "what are those?"

How you can still mumble that Tebow was the worst ever with that OrtWang poking around in your mouth is amazing. I mean it. Never gets old.
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