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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by chadta View Post
hes got ya there john, we did laugh at you for your pathetic attempt at a celebration, i think a few people up here in canada actually committed suicide because of the way the stanley cup was being shamed.
Hard to compare with the Kings since they dont havent smelled the Cup since they played with illegal sticks in the mid 90s. But, once they do (if it happens in our lifetime), we can compare. The Cup wasnt shamed as the players knew what to do with it and treated it just the same as any other player that gets to host the cup. ALF is full of hot air with no where to blow it. If any of you have been to the Honda Center (Pond), you would know what I am talking about. He thinks the surrounding area is so important for his sport teams (let me know when you are ever staying in the Ritz Carlton) yet never mentions how the Dodgers had thousands of Mexican Americans and Mexican imigrants kicked out of Chavez Ravine to build Dodger Stadium in a prime view area. Since it is up on a hill, nothing is surrounding it like the Ritz, Mortons steak house, etc. I would rather have a party at the Honda Center that offered free food (what a crime!) than be at home in LA and watching another team, once again, show off the Cup in a town that doesnt say "Los Angeles". Worse for ALF is it happened just 30 miles away with an expansion team that was once owned by Disney. It boils his blood and every anti Duck/Orange County post makes me smile.
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