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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
This will be in decades but I am sure it will be Tijuana hotdogs with the bacon wrapped up around the dog. Have your “parade” down Figaroura (whatever) with all those diehard King/ Dodger fans. I will guarantee some fast food restaurant will have their roach coach there. It will help out to get those local residents to come by and cheer on their beloved Kings.
Key word here is PARADE...not a lame BBQ hosted by Weinershcnitzel where fans stand around with their thumbs up their ass. You just won the ****ing cup, gotta party and live a little! The Fast Food stuff is game promotion stuff, not for celebrating a cup. Everyone that follows the NHL laughed at your sad Organization about a what a boring BBQ you threw.

At least not 3 decks of luxury boxes to keep the rich from the poor. Who cares what they consider Premium. I have been to many places where they call domestic beer imports. I have also been to Staples and seen the prices on beer. If you enjoy a high price beer, then your Staples Center is the place to go.

Tecate freaking sucks John, it tastes like someone peed in the can. If I want quality beer, then I won't care about the price so much. Usually if you go with a bunch of friends, everyone buys a round so it doesn't matter to me. If you know the right folks, just like Broncos games. You can get a decent seat for a decent price. I used to sit next to the Donald Sutherland and his family at the Kings games at Staples in the lower bowl for cheap. 50 bucks.

In fact, that whole area will be booming with entertainment once the economy picks back up for the housing market. Maybe you need to stroll down here once in a while. I see you are in town yet missed out on your Kings on Tuesday night.

Believe it when I see it. Pond is getting old and needs to be maintained better than it is currently. I had other plans on tuesday Night and last night. Though I have seen them play the Coyotes and Blue Jackets and before the games I would go to LA Live to the YardHouse for beer and food. Great stuff.

I am talking about LA and OC, not the nation! Follow along on the post.
If that was the case, you would have mentioned the Lakers, Dodgers etc. You layed out broad terms and was hard to follow your post.
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