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Originally Posted by Hercules Rockefeller View Post
That's great, they were almost sold. Still doesn't change the fact that they picked in the Top 5 for 5 straight years and the Top 2 for four straight. Doesn't change that they've got 1/3 of the team next year taking up $36M of their cap room. But I never realized that throwing out that they were almost sold is a panacea to their cap problem or their lack or organizational depth passed their top handful of players.
yeah what the heck does being sold have to do with the cap hell they are in ?

the pens have turned into the tampa bay lighting, they have 7 players signed next year taking up 40 million dollars that leaves 16 million to sign 15 other skaters, so yeah sure you have a good top 7, but no secondary scoring.

that being said, the team is still young, and a little better then the "youthmovement" la chiefs, opps i mean kings

i think this year the pens are tanking to try and land taveres, i mean it wouldnt be the first time the pens tanked for a good draft pick, they are after all the reason we have a draft lottery.
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