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Bradley Roby

For my first pick, I select:

Elgin Baylor

Had Elgin Baylor been born 25 years later, his acrobatic moves would have been captured on video, his name emblazoned on sneakers, and his face plastered on cereal boxes. But he played before the days of widespread television exposure, so among the only records of his prowess that remain are the words of those who saw one of the greatest ever to play.

"He was one of the most spectacular shooters the game has ever known," Baylor's longtime teammate Jerry West told HOOP magazine in 1992. "I hear people talking about forwards today and I haven't seen many that can compare with him."

Bill Sharman played against Baylor and coached him in his final years with the Lakers. "I say without reservation that Elgin Baylor is the greatest cornerman who ever played pro basketball," he told the Los Angeles Times at Baylor's retirement in 1971.

Career Stats
G FG% 3PFG% FT% Rebs RPG Asts APG Pts PPG
846 .431 .330 .780 11,463 13.5 3,650 4.3 23,149 27.4

And for my second pick, I'm getting my big guy in the center:

Patrick Ewing

Warrior. That is the one-word description often applied to Patrick Ewing. He was indefatigable and relentless in pursuit of an NBA championship despite being denied on an annual basis. Bold predictions did not always materialize and some took them as empty promises, while others as a will to succeed. One of the finest shooting centers to play, he left the game as the New York Knicks' all-time leader in nearly every significant category and the game's 13th all-time scorer with 24,815 points.

Career Stats
G FG% 3PFG% FT% Rebs RPG Asts APG Stls Blks Pts PPG
1,183 .504 .348 .740 11,607 9.8 2,215 1.9 1,146 2,894 24,815 21.0
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