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Originally Posted by amesj523 View Post
Revisionist history always ranks as high as the stench of a philly fan.
says the guy who just posts earlier was talkin about how great things were. hold onto your hats, LAST year, thats right, history.

Originally Posted by amesj523 View Post
Well, i guess destroying the flyers in the playoffs just to hear you flap your vagina gums was worth it enough.
which is it dood ?

last year is just that, its last year, hows this year workin out for ya ? I see ya finally won a game last night, congrats.

Youve come full circle in your argument, ya you won last year, but didnt win it all so you accomplished nothing, but while your looking in the past dont forget the 40 years of getting your ass kicked.

all im sayin is pick one argument and stick to it, cuz im gettin dizzy watching you change your story. If you want to include history include it all, if you wanna look forward, then look forward.

at least i can admit that all those years of kickin your ass means nothing cuz we only have 2 championships out of it, can you do the same about last year? yeah it was a nice run, but still a failure.
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