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The Mc Rib

yeah i agree about brierre, altho personally i still think hes almost as big a puss and cry baby as cindy.

and yeah i saw that article, its on the O&B messageboard, heres the quote

"He plays the game the way we want our players to play the game. He will be a presence in the game, I can just about guarantee it."

did you see what they had on hockeybuzz about downie ?

Have you noticed that-

•Steve Downie can play? John Stevens uses him in the last 2 minutes of Flyers one-goal-lead games which really has Downie-haters in straight-jackets. Guess when he represented Canada at the World Juniors, it wasn’t a fluke. Duh!!

its nice to see people are finally starting to realize this kid deserves to be in the league and isnt the useless goon that they played him out to be, altho i will still refer to him as Attila the hun just cuz it has a nice ring to it.
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