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He be gone..

Originally Posted by rideco View Post
yep I hear you. All I know is I cc my H&K, OC my p220 and if someone breaks in my house I am grabbing the 870.
No OC around here, but I CC a PM9 or M&P 40c (almost always the .40), but am seriously thinking about switching to an M&P 9c. The simple fact is that good 9mm ammo does as well as .40 in testing and OIS reports, and in the compact pistol the 9mm both has more rounds and if I am honest, I will shoot it better -- or more accurately, faster, in terms of getting back on target. On top of that, 9mm is quite a bit cheaper to practice with and the NUMBER one factor in self defense is speed and accuracy, which only comes from training (courses) and practice.

Essentially, the same logic that's resulting in a lot of the police departments that moved to .40s now in the process of moving back to 9mm's.
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