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Bad statistics. Your wording "and love" is misleading, because those numbers include intentional shootings of those who are acquainted or related. The vast majority of crimes in this country take place between people who "know" each other (and domestic crimes are a huge part of it). That statistic is often worded falsely to make it seem like it's referring to the accidental shooting of a kid or something.

And, when you include brandishment of the weapon in self-defense (not just shooting a perpetrator), it goes through the roof the other way.

You are much more likely to use a gun in defense of yourself than you are to accidentally shoot someone you know. (In other words, if you exclude intentional shootings and crimes, and include defensive uses of the gun other than actually putting a bullet in someone, it's a blowout in favor of gun ownership). And most importantly, these risks are something you have some control over -- you are a person, not a statistic. Your choices can affect your destiny.

Other handy tips for people -- whenever you hear a statistic about "children" and guns, they are including "children" up until the age of 18, and not pointing out that the numbers are hugely made up of gang-related criminal shootings of teenage boys. Also, they have been caught red-handed before counting "children" up to the age of 21.
You can narrow it down. The odds are much greater your gun in the house in much more likely to kill your spouse or your child than any intruder. It is not even close. I have two rifles and a pistol myself but none of them are for "Home Protection" They are locked away and unloaded.
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