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Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
10 mm ammo is expensive and 45 is on the higher end with a lot more recoil that a novice shouldn't start with. It's not so much the caliber but the shot placement. Shoulder is not a vital and anyone would keep going shot with a handgun there. Get the 9mm good practice and cheap and later you can pick up a larger gun to carry.
My friend has a Kimber .45, real expensive, real nice. Kicks like a mule. I do not reccommend a .45 for a first time buyer or a woman.

I'm considering buying a Glock 10mm but the ammo baby, it's over the top expensive. However, the gun has stopping power, and it comes with a high capacity magazine so that's nice.

.40S&W is just a real nice option and ammo is reasonable. However, if someone does want to go with a 9mm then I'd get a semi-auto with a steel frame that can take the stronger rounds (+P & ++P). The thing about a 9mm is cheap ammo, accuracy is good, fun to shoot and can shoot all day long. I've got a friend who has a glock 9mm with a 30 round magazine. Good times!
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