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Originally Posted by Dutch View Post
Also way too soft on punch (I know this from experience, after shooting a F'er in the shoulder with a 9mm that he shrugged off like it was nothing. I started carrying my 44 Mag S&W, no more problems (Desert Storm I). I'd go with the Glock 10mm (40 cal, and what I'm using now), or a 45 semi (still hard to beat, but rounds cost more). If you hit 'em, you'd like to know they are out of the fight ( ie shoulder shot = no arm). You cannot be sure of that with a nine. The 10mm is a great compromise between the muzzel velocity of a 9mm, and the punch of a .45.
I've got a Springfield Amory XDM .40S&W and I went with this for a few reasons. One is the safety features (there's several that are vary nice like have two safeties, one on the grip and one on the trigger so both have to be compressed before the gun will fire) then the ability to feel the firing pin when it's charged and also feeling a slight bulge in the chamber when a round is loaded in the chamber. Again, lot's of good safety features for a beginner. The pistol also comes with a case, 2 magazines, a speed loader, a lock and a holster, so you get alot for the money.

Then it's a 16+1 so lot's of magazine capacity. The other really, really nice thing about a .40 is that it feels like shooting a 9mm, that is, the kick is extremely reasonable while the punch of the bullet is much better than the 9mm.

The other thing about the .40S&W pistol, cheap and easily available ammo which you should be able to buy anywhere.

Anyhow, my $0.02 cents on the subject.
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