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The point isn't whether or not skyler has him figured out. The point is that Walt can't help himself but lie. Perfect example is the coke machine you yourself referenced. He may not be good at it anymore but he's still damn sure going to try. And he's still keeping things from her like jesse & the fact he's making deals to still cook.

He's been nothing but calculative and a master of manipulation and lies the entire show leading up to him so desperately wanting to just flee with his family. And at this pinnacle point he has nothing.

Surely the 'calculative' Walt would have some sort of story worked up as to why they were going to up and flee before he hit the door.

Surely the 'quick witted' Walt would have adjusted the story on the fly (like he's shown to do all storyy arch long) to fit Skylar suddenly knowing about him being arrested by hank. Even if the story was fumbled and unbelievable.

And lastly the 'Heisenberg' persona which finally came through at the end wouldn't have just grabbed the baby and ran but would have attempted some sick and twisted lie/threat/manipulation before running with the baby.

Then afterwords Walt still shows he's still calculative, manipulative and a master of lies on the phone and returning the baby.

It just didn't fit.

It would have been much more believable if he had an outlandish story, then fumbled another lie on top of it... where skyler would then not believe him and call him out on it.
While I don't think Walt was capable of lying to Skylar about something as devastating as Hank's death, he actually did make a fleeting attempt... when he said "I negotiated". Skylar wasn't buying any of it. Also, he wouldn't have had a chance to prepare a story... he had no idea Skylar would know anything about Hank arresting Walt until Skylar and Flynn showed up at home.

One of the things the show is addressing is the mythologizing of "Heisenberg", both by Walt himself and his collaborators and enemies. Take Jesse calling Walt "The Devil". He believed Walt was setting a trap for Jesse with the meet at the plaza. In fact, Walt was being sincere about wanting to talk to Jesse. The Heisenberg persona has been faltering every since Hank discovered the truth about it. Think of all the mistakes Walt has made. For all the criminal mastermind that Heisenberg as been, at it's core is still Walter White, a flawed man in his tidy whiteys who has been dealing with his own bad decision making from the start of the series. The Ozymandias poem really drives home that theme. This great King and all the bluster with which he mythologizes himself is ultimately doomed to decay, because this great King was never what he said he was.

Not that Heisenberg is done. I suspect he'll rise again to deal with Uncle Jack, Todd and the Nazis. But everything Heisenberg was created for is already lost.

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