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Jesse's no abused victim. He's a grown man who cries about what he's done and pouts over being manipulated. Also, he's a murdering, junkie, drug dealing, arsonist who is complicit with the disposal of a 12 year old boy's body. He's torn up over it, I get it, but at the end of the day he's willing to be talked out of giving that boy's parents closure. The reason he confesses to Hank is to hurt Walt, not come clean because it's the right thing to do. If so he would have confessed after pitching his money.

Never gets a break? He had a break, a chance at a new life with money in his pocket. I understand his anger at Brock being poisoned, but how does threatening Skyler, Walt Jr. and Holly's security avenge Brock? He's just as guilty of collateral damage as Walt.

Walt was right, he's a coward. I've rooted for Jesse right up to about the point Walt got arrested. Spitting in a handcuffed man's face, any man's face, is a cowardly move. Walt may be the worse villian, but he's no coward.

If the show had more than 2 episodes left, I'd want Jesse to stick around because he is a fascinating character (Aaron Paul is a tremendous actor). But my sympathy for him has run out.

Still, going to be sad once the show is over.
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