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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
I just wonder why an unalloyed bigot such as txtebow is allowed here.
A good question.

The more one looks at this story, the more it appears to be a race driven exaggeration.

Over at Slate, Emma Roller makes a convincing argument that similar incidents have occurred for years, and that recent coverage of the
stories seems to be driven more by racial outrage than the events themselves. She contrasts the way the crimes are covered with the coverage
of other crimes. "[It's] ridiculous to assume that a few unrelated counts of arson make arson an epidemic," Roller writes. "But when you inject race into
the equation, it conveniently aligns with the assumptions of people who happen to be racist."
Roller points towards an article by Alan Noble who argues there is an astounding lack of data in news reports of about a knockout "trend":

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