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do certain people really have a field of influence on electrical equipment? While there are motion detecting light systems designed, for security reasons, to switch on when it senses movement, public street lights are only triggered when daylight reaches a sufficient brightness. That is of course unless they come in contact with these electrically influential individuals.

Working with the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP), Hilary Evans has been studying this subject since the early 90s. His book, The SLI Effect, profiles several cases of SLI in an ongoing project known as SLIDE (SLI Data Exchange). SLIDE compiles these testimonies and explores various possibilities that could lie behind such a curious phenomenon.

“…History demonstrates that there can be widespread belief in a phenomenon which is nonetheless nothing more than an artifact derived from an erroneous interpretation of witness testimony. However, SLI has a basis in physical reality which is amenable to investigation: street lights are physical objects and the SLI effect, if it exists, must be ultimately a physical process. By its nature, SLI lends itself to methodical observation and controlled testing,” writes Evans.

Although there are many reports of SLI experiences, the circumstances of each case can vary widely. Some report switching off a single streetlight close by; others say they have influenced a row of streetlights; and a few possess the capacity to randomly affect only certain streetlights, making it difficult to discern a pattern in SLI. People who supposedly experience SLI, known as SLIders, suffer from a lack of validation from doubtful friends and family, until they witness repeated occurrences themselves. With no sufficient explanation for the phenomenon they experience, SLIders are left to imagine their own ideas behind the influence they seem to possess.
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