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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
Only because Doom missed 2010 as well as two games in 2011. If you add Doom's '09 and '11 seasons he has as many sacks as Hali, but with two fewer games played.

And Hali still isn't nearly as good in coverage or overall run defense as Miller was as a rookie. So if all that matters from a LB is pass rush then Hali has the edge or the time being. But if a LB is expected to be a versatile player then Miller is already a better player.

Hali and Doom are comparable players who just play in different fronts. Miller is an all around more disruptive player than Doom on the same squad.
Tamba doesn't play in coverage in our scheme. That's his biggest flaw and the coaches hide it well by playing in the nickel.

I think Miller is a better all around player right now, but last year he struggled against the run while Tamba was solid. I think Tamba was the better pass rusher and run stopper at the end of last year.

But then again Miller didn't have an offseason, so I fully expect him to be a better all around player right now. I don't know if he's a better pass rusher though. That's pretty close.
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