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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I can't speak for other people, but as you age your testosterone starts to fall off. There are side-effects to this. In my case, mine is below a healthy level for *any* male and super low for someone my age. This been accompanied with symptoms. This doesn't mean every person on steroid therapy needs it. It doesn't mean there aren't crooked doctors or things get mis-prescribed. I will say that people are changing their thinking about aging. Stuff we just "accepted" as aging years ago we are finding ways to treat. It used to be "old people's teeth fall out." Well now they don't have to if you get proper dental care. "Old people's bones break." Well they don't have to if you get the right help. "Old people lose muscle mass and are less active." There are clinical things that happen to the body as it ages, but if they aren't all good, why can't they be treated? I mean you don't have to be a teenager, but it probably wouldn't hurt to try and keep your bone and muscle mass up and have more energy to get around.

That's what I think it's about. I would never go to a specialized clinic for anything other than a massage, personally. But if an old guy doesn't like feeling weak and losing muscle mass and we can safely treat it, why shouldn't we?
I think one thing you have to look at with all that you said there is this. Just look to some other countries where those things you pointed out don't really happen all that often at all. Lifestyle is a big reason why. Nutrition is a big reason why. We see reports all the time that the elderly in countries like Jappan, Sweeden, etc. The masses in these types of places eat much healthier then Americans, and get more exercise as well. They don't have as much of a problem with losing bone and muscle mass and disease. They are more preventative while America is more treatment based.
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