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Ten facts about January 16th, 1994

1) The Kansas City Chiefs win their last playoff game against the Jack Pardee/Buddy Ryan coached Houston Oilers

2) CBS still has the TV contract to broadcast NFC games

3) Most office computers use the latest operating system called Windows NT, and home PCs use Windows 3.1

4) The internet is more commonly referred to as "The Information Superhighway"

5) A computer with a 33 MHz processor, 8 MB DRAM and a 210 MB hard drive costs about $2200 USD

6) Most Americans still think of OJ Simpson as a good guy and a role model

7) Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis, John Candy and Kurt Cobain are still alive

8) The TV programs LA Law and The Arsenio Hall Show are still on the air

9) The Kansas City Chiefs begin the 3rd longest playoff victory drought currently in the NFL. They are behind only the perrenial NFL heavyweights, Detroit and Cincinnati

10) Jennifer Anniston ↓↓↓
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