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With the 18th pick in the 2013 OM draft the Dallas Cowboys select....

DT Johnathan Hankins from THE Ohio State University - 6'3" 322

Ohio State's great 2012 season could be attributed to many factors; one big reason for their success is DT Johnathan Hankins. The 6'3", 332 lb anchor of their defensive line is a true difference maker.
Hankins is best-suited as a RDT or NT that can occupy double teams and control the middle of the trenches. Although he plays with inconsistent technique, he is powerful enough to make up for it. He holds his ground well and does not get pushed around by blockers. One adjustment he will need to make is keeping his pad level low and driving with his legs rather than attempting to just manhandle players with his upper body strength.

With the recent drunk driving DT's that the Dallas Cowboys currently employ it's time to start thinking about building their future at that position. Johnathan Hankins is the perfect fit to do that. Monte Kiffin is going to build this defense from the inside out, and front to back. Johnathan Hankins has both the size and strength to be able to do that. Let's send it over to Jon Gruden to get his take on this pick... Jon?

Gruden: "This guy Johnathan Hankins... let me tell you something man, he is a true FORCE to be reckoned with at 6 foot 3 inches 322 pounds he is going to be knocking the grins right off of opposing linemen and running backs... I LOVE this pick for the Dallas Cowboys."

Pick was made at 10:39
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