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Originally Posted by Irish Stout View Post
No it isn't. You've made extremely stupid assumptions at every turn. You've posted numbers from your WRs to our WRs to make your point, when those numbers show relatively comparable numbers, except for the TD department. Our WR numbers from last year were slightly lower and we showed why by simply putting up Tim Tebow's passing game for your inspection. Less attempts than Palmer in more starts. A lower completion percentage. Less passes on target. Shorter passes than Palmer. As bad as Palmer was with his 16 Ints... Tebows accuracy was often worse and he often threw it out just to get out of the play. Less opportunity for WRs. Watch replays and you can see it.

You've come up with some sloppy ass argument that Tebow's poor throwing and running around behind the line of scrimmage somehow made our WRs better than they will be under Manning. That is the opposite of common sense.

Now this is smack talk that makes sense. We haven't won at home against you guys in like 5 years (September 16, 2007). That is rough. Although, in that stretch, we've beaten you at home pretty handily as well. But, you've had the upperhand the past 5 years. Division rivalry games are always the toughest, even when the division is piss poor.

Lets look at the numbers. The Raiders threw the football 95 more times than the Broncos. Your making like the Raiders offense is the packers or patriots offense- who are predominately a passing team. The Raiders are a run first team on offense, just like the Broncos.

The Broncos ran it 80 more times than the Raiders. The reason with M bush the only RB healthy he worn down as the season went on. The last two months Raiders didn't have a running game. That put more on the passing game. Still finished 7th in rushing with the Running game a non factor the last two months.

There isn't much of a difference in attempts to make a big difference in the Wr numbers. (that your trying to make it out to be.)

Here is my point . Tim Tebow and the running game success made it easier to be successful in the passing game as the defense put more defenders up to take away the threat that Tim Tebow was. That when you finally did throw it there was less defenders in pass coverage. (same arguement I had with Jet fan why M sanchez numbers were better in the playoffs despite him being a lousy Qb in the regular season. It wasn't because he was a big game performer, but because no team respected him. They sold out to stop the run and when you do that as a defense, you eventually get burned in the passing game sometimes.

Just like you don't think not having DMC as his running back didn't hurt Carson palmer and the Wr numbers. The more defenders that have to come up in the box to defend the run, that makes it easier for the Qb and the Wr to exploit that secondary. M Bush isn't any where close to the Rb as DMC.

Let just say I think your trying to make excuses why your receiver numbers aren't a as good as the Raiders. We will see now that you have Peyton manning if they are any better. If the passing attempts are relatively the same.

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