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Originally Posted by Raider9175 View Post
Okay that is what we call common sense, something Bronco fans don't have.
No it isn't. You've made extremely stupid assumptions at every turn. You've posted numbers from your WRs to our WRs to make your point, when those numbers show relatively comparable numbers, except for the TD department. Our WR numbers from last year were slightly lower and we showed why by simply putting up Tim Tebow's passing game for your inspection. Less attempts than Palmer in more starts. A lower completion percentage. Less passes on target. Shorter passes than Palmer. As bad as Palmer was with his 16 Ints... Tebows accuracy was often worse and he often threw it out just to get out of the play. Less opportunity for WRs. Watch replays and you can see it.

You've come up with some sloppy ass argument that Tebow's poor throwing and running around behind the line of scrimmage somehow made our WRs better than they will be under Manning. That is the opposite of common sense.

Can't wait till week four when the raiders come away with another victory in our home away from home.(when was the last time the Bronco's beat the Raider's at home)
Now this is smack talk that makes sense. We haven't won at home against you guys in like 5 years (September 16, 2007). That is rough. Although, in that stretch, we've beaten you at home pretty handily as well. But, you've had the upperhand the past 5 years. Division rivalry games are always the toughest, even when the division is piss poor.
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