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Originally Posted by Randall Flagg View Post
I've seen the same thing happen with nearly every team in the NFL.

My take is the same that it has been since I became a fan of football waaayyyy back in the dark ages. The bye-week (for most teams) is usually the kiss of death. Guys are in the habit of preparing each week. They're in the habit of healing from the previous week and getting read for the next Sunday. To take a week off throws off that rhythm. It seems to me like 90% of the teams coming off bye-weeks usually take it on the chin.

Unfortunately, however, the Broncos are falling into that very same trap that KC fell into with Joe Montana. Joe was an aging superstar that finished out his career in KC and, for the most part, simply sold tickets. He and Marcus Allen solidified the fan base, made a boat load of money for Hunt and that's about it.

Remember. Peyton is 36. Not 26. Exactly how many more years do we think he has??
two-three more
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