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Torrey Smith So, do you have him in your top 20 WR's I don't. He's one dimensional....speed down the field. That's a coaching issue. If Flacco is getting the time to bomb it, you drop your safeties back and give your CB's shut that down....because it's their only weapon and obviously, bringing the safeties into the box isn't working. Any coach worth a turd would have fixed that on the spot. Torrey what we thought he was, a one dimensional player who catches bombs if you let him. Asking Bailey or any other CB to cover him one on one....when your Dline is getting zero rush is assinine. This loss is first and foremost on our coaching staff who could not make the necessary adjustments to seal the deal.
My top 20? Seriously? Its not about stats. Have you watched any Ravens games prior to the Broncos playing them? Did you watch him last year? The dude isnt a superstar but he isnt some 3rd string loser like some of yall are making him out to be just to **** on the team.

I agree that this team was unprepared and the adjustments were poor. Im just not in the business of ****ting on another player because the game didnt end with the results I wanted.

One dimensional or not, there was no answer for him, player-wise or from a coaching standpoint.

Anyway, you're entitled to your opinion as am I. I'm just not about to sit here and argue over just that; opinions.

I see things differently but I can understand and somewhat agree with your assessment.

It is what it is.
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