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Peyton Hillis

Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
Fox is the perfect Head Coach for us.

He's already gone a long way towards fixing this defense (instead of just paying lip service to it). Look at where we were two/three years ago defensively.

And he's got no ego in terms of the offense and is completely willing to let Manning run the show.

On top of that, he defers to Elway and the FO in terms of personnel letting them take care of business from that side.

The best job he does is bring in the right staff around him (Dennis Allen, JDR, Magazu) and trusts them to do their job.
I agree. I like where this team is headed, we just need some more talent to get over the top. Still need 3-4 difference makers to compete with the upper echelon teams. We have been adding a few each year, so I expect that we will also see improvement between now and next year if Manning stays healthy.
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