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Originally Posted by spdirty View Post
Ya know - its a pretty ****ty thing to accuse our country of killing 3,000 of our own citizens, then trying to profit off of your idiotic accusations by writing a book about it.

Anyway, the ****ing guy used his actual name. Just opening himself up for it right there, and add in that he is a total douche.

Does CNN/FOX/ABC/History Channel, etc profit of 9/11? Do they return any of the advertising profits back to the "victims"? I don't agree with Mark, but he has the right to say what he wants.

In turn, you are using false slander to accuse him of child molestation, which is baseless and unethical. Attack Mark on the merits of his book, his research, etc - but leave this **** out of it. Since Mark uses his real name, he has also enabled himself to sue for slander and libel if he were to choose to.

Why don't you use your real name? Is it because some crazy douche might start making **** up about you and it might come back and bit you in the ass?

Be honest and fair, that's all i ask. If i see the same **** again by you, i'm going to try to get you banned because this behaviour is what got SteveTensi fired from his job. This behaviour is not tolerated by myself. I don't care if it means that the WRP is shut down for good.

Originally Posted by amesj523 View Post
And that is notice to ANYBODY using this type of **** - ANYBODY.

I'm tired of this ****.
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