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Originally Posted by 24champbailey View Post
It was never in the works...and no one is going to get O'Sullivan/Kopitar. This was a BS rumor started by some retard Canadian on TSN.

By the way, Insiders say that if any team offers Sully a contract, Dean will match it and then that team will get ****ed by Dean when one of their players is a RFA.

We will have to see, we don't need to make a deal right now. We'll see what we got when training camp rolls around, Bernier is going to make a strong case again for the #1 spot. Plus Ersberg and Labarbera will have a say as well.
Why do you keep throwing out "Some Canadian" as if it somehow discredits the rumour, or even relevant? Do you have some inside connections in the Kings organization? The rumour cropped up all over the place, and there was a lot of inconsistency about who was being given up by whom, which is typically a good indicator that there is a deal in the works. I scoffed at the idea that Kopitar or O'Sullivan were being moved, and their names were probably put into the mix by some internet retard, but that doesn't mean a deal isn't coming(It's probably not, but come on! It's the offseason! Have some fun!). I think that a deal between the Sens, Hawks and Kings is coming, and people were looking at who would be moved, and someone threw in the name Barker(Because our top 4 is set, and he's on the outside looking in), which turned into Barker or Seabrook, and someone else saw that and said "Seabrook? It must be for someone awesome...Like Kopitar.", but none of that means that the rumours about a deal happening are bull****. Besides which, look at it from my perspective. The Hawks HAVE to deal someone, which makes every rumour that much more credible. If you ask me, it'd be closer to Khabibulin and Meszaros to the Kings, Barker and someone on the Kings to the Sens and Frolov + Gerber to the Blackhawks. Something along those lines. I don't think a blockbuster is in the works, but it was fun to think about. Just look at it:



That is fun to think about.

The reason why Khabibulin would make sense is because you're under the floor(By about 10 Million). Khabibulin is a boost at a need spot, with a big, short-term contract.

Pssshhhh...No need to be so dismissive(or to bash my country while doing it).
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