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Originally Posted by killericon View Post
Well, word NOW is that the deal was rejected by the NHL.
It was never in the works...and no one is going to get O'Sullivan/Kopitar. This was a BS rumor started by some retard Canadian on TSN.

By the way, Insiders say that if any team offers Sully a contract, Dean will match it and then that team will get ****ed by Dean when one of their players is a RFA.

I don't doubt what you say about who would get moved, but I do believe a deal is in the works, and Khabibulin to the Kings makes huge sense for both sides...
We will have to see, we don't need to make a deal right now. We'll see what we got when training camp rolls around, Bernier is going to make a strong case again for the #1 spot. Plus Ersberg and Labarbera will have a say as well.
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