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Originally Posted by orangeatheist View Post
Have a German Shepherd but, yeah, letting her go in the front yard isn't much of an option. Have done it before and she'll take off after 'em (one of the big joys of her life!) but don't want her running lose in the neighborhood and it's rather embarrassing chasing her down the road hollering her name until she breaks off pursuit! (Obviously, a cat is out of the question as she'd take off after the kitty as she would a rabbit!)

I have two German Shepherds and one cat. My older shepherd pretty much leaves the cat alone and sometimes the cat will even curl up on him when he is lounging on the couch. However, my younger shepherd does love to harass the hell out of the cat. We got her a cat tower so she has a place to retreat to when the younger one gets after her. The first year of cohabitation can be rough, but they eventually mellow out.
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