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Originally Posted by orangeatheist View Post
Ok, so it's not the Iraq-crisis, but I've got neighborhood bunnies ruining my front lawn by eating it and leaving their brown Trix-droppings all over the place. Short of putting a bullet between their fuzzy, little ears, what other advice does anyone have for ridding me of of this annoyance?

I've tried the over-the-counter repellents and those don't seem to work. I put out "Critter-Ridder" on the spots they frequent a couple days ago and they're right back out there sitting on top of the treated area. Tried something a couple years ago with dried fox-pee or some other such concoction but that didn't work, either. No point in trapping them because there's a den under several of the neighbor's porches so they'll just make more of themselves. Can't put up a fence (not in the front yard).

I'm seriously considering a pellet gun or something like that...

Had this issue back when I was living in a suburb outside of Chicago. Best solution I found, nice aggressive house cat. Had a doggy door so she could come and go from the house as she pleased. She would mark along the edges of my property. Very quickly birds, rabbits and other pests started avoiding my house. A dog works as well, but you mentioned your front lawn and I'm not sure what leash laws are like in your neighborhood.
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