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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Well the problem is the regulations on where you can get weed, who can own a shop, where you can open one will make sure to stifle that free market. A free market is get your weed from the best supplier not all the rules colo trying. That just drives price even higher. Same thing in CA they make rules so bogus the shops are way more pricey then underground. Govt has to say its legal period, at the fed level. That way CA weed can flood the market and Mexico can get in on the act as well. That should drop the price down to about 50 bucks an ounce and destroy the American pot economy. Only a liberal would say a market with tons of regulations, restrictions, which keep the price as high as it was when it was illegal is some sort of free market lol.
Question for you, cut.

Can you buy cigarettes just anywhere? Can you buy beer just anywhere? Can you buy wine just anywhere? Can you buy liquor just anywhere? Are there restrictions as to the potency and classification of beers, wines and liquors? Are there restrictions as to where, how and how much you can manufacture on your own property for private use? Are there taxes on these things? Do those taxes go to good causes? Are they still affordable? Can you still get ****ed up?

Only a cutthemdown wouldn't understand these things.
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