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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
im all in favor of playing the hot hand, let them battel it out, i like the idea of going into the playoffs with 2 goalies that each played 40 and hope one of them is hot, knowing we can put the other guy in if need be, like the ducks of last year, or the hurricanes the year before, thats a better option then letting biron play 70 and be totally beat, and not letting nitty have any time and tossing him in when he needs to play, well see who plays thursday

I really beleive the Flyers burned Marty out a bit early this season. he was playing way too much. This aint Marty Brodeur. Only Brodeur can go 80 games without missing a beat. I always said that Brodeur is the best goalie I've ever seen (sorry Av fans) and that's just a small reason why.

Anyway, Nitty needs time in net. He looked terrible earlier because he never got any PT. I agree with you. I don't mind seeing a 1a and 1a goaltending situation as oppossed to a clear cut 1 and 2. Both Marty and Nitty are pretty close in talent. Marty is bigger but Nitty is more athletic. Who knows. That's why they play a whole season. May the best man win. I like both so I am not cheering for either or. i just want the Goalie that gives us the best chance, whoever that may be.
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