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Originally Posted by phillybroncosnut View Post
When did I say I was a bigger hockey fan then you? When did I say that? Show me! Tell me! You can't because I never did.

Now, on to Downie..... I, just like most Flyer fans that I talk to agree that Downie is out of control at times. He needs to get his chit together and pick and choose when he losses his mind on the ice. I even posted something like that earlier. Did you read it or do you pick and choose which posts to read much like you pick and choose which illegal hits you post?

Im not gonna sit and defend Downie here. However, I've seen what Downie did a million times in my Hockey fan life. Does it make it right? No, but, it happens. Claude LaPewww, Tie Dummy, Matthew Barnafag, Darius Kasperdickhead, Nancy Tucker..... I could go on and on and on. They are all dirty but they all have a place in the league. If they didn't have a place they wouldn't have been or continue to play in the NHL.

No that that is over. I'm still waiting to hear how the same hit on Coburn, which lead to numerous suspensions, wasn't even called a penalty.

It really doesn't matter to me what you think. I was just telling you to stuff the BS up your arse. You, like Gary Bettman and Colin Campbell have giant hard-on's for the Flyers. You all are pathetic.
Waaaaaa, the Flyers hit to hard. Waaaaa, the Flyers take sucker punches. Waaaa Waaaa focking Waaaaa. P*ssies! All of you!

You don't have to say it this entire statement reaks of iam better than you i read from every flyer fan on every site (it's a mind set) and a handy copy/paste response is see everywhere the fact that you all defended most of the hits this year saying the league are pu$$ies the other fans are pu$$ies is simply weak. You should read all the idiots defending downie of HF it's almost comical that most flyer fans are basically clueless as to what is right and wrong when it comes to legal and illegal and cheap and not cheap shots. I love big legal hits i love physical hockey just like any flyer fan but dammit you gotta keep it clean or somebody is going to end up in a wheel chair (that's why colin jumps) on the flyers so fast.

Then i simply post a clip and i get this:

What's bush league? Like no one ever throws a punch when the linesmen arrive. Like boxing, protect yourselves at all times

(It was bushleague) this is stuff you see in the bush leagues no if ands or buts.

then chada chips in with:

as for bronx with his bush league comment, if he was talking about the ref hes right, if you cant completely tie up both guys stay the hell out so nobody ends up crying like blake did.

what the hell is this suppose to tell any other hockey fan? well it tells me chata really didn't care about blake getting cheapshotted in the first place but would be crying bloody murder if it happened to flyer player. Blake has plenty of room to complain (anybody would have) he just recieved a cheapshot which goes against the unwritten rule that when the ref comes in and ties you up (quit throwing punches) heck downie was even sitting on his a** the fight was clearly over and on top of that blake still had his gloves on.

And then this:

and just like i make the hit he made on mcammond in preseason, i take that shot at blake too,every friggin time. I like this downie kid, its alot easier to teach psychos control then it is to teach pussies to be aggressive
Are you catching my drift here on the flyer fan mentality that may run folks the wrong way? stuff like this is simple clueless and narrow minded i read stuff like this on every flyer site.

As far as don cherries comments i really don't like the dude but everything he said was right (everything) and you made fun of that like he was wrong or something. Now this is just a sample of what we have to read and deal with here and on top of that grilled when we don't agree with that mindset. Heck i even got shyt for posting an artical about sid and his fight being told i need to quit (advertising) what ever the **** that meant. I post info pertaining to the few teams we have on this site iam not picking on anybody the flyers just seem to be in the news every freaking week is that my fault? and yes i have an opinion once in awhile (deal with it)


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