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Originally Posted by phillybroncosnut View Post
It really doesn't matter to me what you think. I was just telling you to stuff the BS up your arse. You, like Gary Bettman and Colin Campbell have giant hard-on's for the Flyers. You all are pathetic.
Waaaaaa, the Flyers hit to hard. Waaaaa, the Flyers take sucker punches. Waaaa Waaaa focking Waaaaa. P*ssies! All of you!

Your no bigger hockey fan than iam so get off your broadstreet bully bull crap speech soapbox iam tired of side stepping shyt so you and chada don't throw fits. You two look like fools the way you look at the game and what you think your team should get away with even you goddamn GM lambasted downie. (there are unwritten rules sunshine) and your boys are testing everyone of them.

"He's part of a team now and needs to think in those terms and not selfishly. I'm upset. It was Jason Blake. Jason is not a fighter. You get a player in that position and I don't [think] Jason had his gloves off. I'm not happy about either. The fact that Steve put his team down is a different issue. That's a selfish thing. He'll get better."
Flyers GM Paul Holmgren
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