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Newton is completely overrated huh? At this point he's head and shoulders above your boy Tebow so what does that make Tebow? The most completely overrated QB?
Tebow made the playoffs with a team just as bad as Cam's and a worse coach and coaches that did everything to ruin him while Cam's did everything to make things easy for him.

Cam has a loaded offense and Tebow doesn't.. that is the only difference.

But if you watched Cam this season he couldn't even figure out how to win a game until Tebow showed him how... watch Cam after Tebow came in and you see him playing like Tebow.. same numbers too. Even with a much better offense..

What is really hilarious is how similar Cam Newton and Kyle Orotn are... Orton put up numbers like cam last season and couldn't win games to save his life.. just like Cam.. and just like with Cam this season the D and run game got all the blame.

And people said Tebow couldn't outplay Orton and he did.. and they act the same about Tebow with Cam too.. yet he did.. and Orton and Cam "look like QBs" Just like people said Quinn "looked" like a QB over Tebow too.. it's funny how so many can be fooled by looks..

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