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Originally Posted by GSRelyea View Post
This all coming from a guy that has AI & Kobe in his backcourt

As JCMElway said each team will get ripped apart in discussion once this draft is over, will be interesting. (by the way Bill Laimbeer is on the top 50 all time list)

Laimbeer is barely a top ten PISTON All-time!!!

Did whoever told you Laimbeer is on the top 50 All-time list throw in some time shares in Siberia?

That statement speaks volumes on it's own.

My thought process is put the best players on the court. Laimbeer is a weakness to be exploited, everytime he is on the court. One dimensional guys like Kerr...

Master - what was wrong about anything I said.

I truly would feel confident putting my bench against some of these starting teams.

Yao - C
Brand - PF
Nba Finals MVP - PG
Paul Pierce - SG

btw- Do any of you really think A.I. would have a problem running with Kobe, A.I. as you all saw, puts winning above anything. He took a ton of shots in Philly because he was all they had. He carried that team to the NBA Finals, and was MOST VALUABE PLAYER.

With the talent I've assembled A.I. will be unstoppable because if you double him he's kicking to Bird for 3, Kobe slashing or pulling up, and don't even get started on McAdoo, the last NBA player to Average 30 ppg, and 15 rpg!!!

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