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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Say what you want, but in the real world it was just a no win situation. If they sent the nurse in there with the guy and he said anything offensive, she'd be suing them for subjecting her to a known hostile working environment. The biggest shame is that people feel the need to try to cash in on these kinds of problems. It's part of life. Everyone learns from it, you move on.
Number one, since when is following federal law not "the real world"? How is it somehow the nurse's fault that her boss wasn't aware she couldn't discriminate?

Number two, really? The biggest shame in a situation where a supervisor discriminates based on race is that the affected nurse is likely to receive remuneration? Have you ever worked in an environment where you were the direct cause of your supervisor's dismissal? My guess is no.

Number three, it's not even a no-win situation. As a supervisor, my decision would have been based on two choices: 1) I comply with the patient and DEFINITELY break the law, or 2) I comply with the law and MAYBE the nurse gets offended. Additionally, I would have confronted the nurse and explained the situation, as well as contacted my immediate supervisor. Most times I would bet the nurse would simply recuse herself from the situation...I wouldn't force her to go in there, so doing so would be entirely her choice. The supervisor (and the hospital) were simply negligent on educating their staff and taking the appropriate action.

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