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It's not a sticky situation at all if you know anything about employment law.

It's not refusal of service to say we cannot legally comply with your request. Race is not protected under BFOQ, and customer satisfaction is not a legitimate (read: legally protected) reason to comply with this request.

There are no "patient's rights" where race is concerned. This hospital is in huge trouble.
Technically, you're right. But as a supervisor it's a tough call to send your staff into a predeterminedly ugly situation like that. They can't stop the guy from being racist, so I can see why a supervisor might err on the side of shielding the staff from it rather than bring it to full-blown confrontation. If the hospital effectively tells that story, it's hard to imagine the "damages" amounting to much. I wish the courts would force plaintiffs to just accept an apology sometimes. The world would be a better place.
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