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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
That was not a designed playcall, the protection broke down immediately and Manning panicked. It was 2cd and 6 for goodness sake as well, he should have thrown that ball away. He knows better.

However, if they ran that play (Sprint right option) on that third down its a low risk high reward way to play it with aggression versus passivity. There could also have been an incomplete there, but if the TE is open that's a real good risk I would take all day, every day.

Plus, that is not a standard DEN play and BAL would not have reacted well to that playcall. I gaurantee they would have had a shot at making the first down and maybe more.
But that's not one of the 10 plays that Manning is comfortable running! The more I think about it, and we obviously have the benefit of retrospect and time, this is what you have proposed would have made the most sense in that situation. Run a pass play, and take a sack if it's not there. I have said this in other threads, but I truly believe that Manning was hurt and they didn't want to risk it.

I would like to see some more complex passing principles brought in by Gase, and hopefully the time of the offseason will be enough to incorporate some more situational passing concepts.

I get that the whole Manning philosophy is keeping it simple and executing to perfection, but clearly, that idea becomes more difficult in the high stress moments of a playoff game. It would explain Manning's lack of the same success in the playoffs that he has in the regular season. I have to believe Manning is willing to use more plays as long as he truly thinks that they will work.

What will send Gase into genius mode is not just standing on the sideline and feeding Manning plays that he will audible out of, but of taking Manning to a different level. That will require Gase selling him on situational passing concepts that work as well as what Manning is "comfortable" with. it will take Manning to trust Gase. I don't know how likely it is to happen, but Gase has a golden opportunity here.

Wining in the playoffs will also require a running game that is not just there to set up the play action, but also is innovative enough to gain the kind of yardage required to keep Manning from throwing 40 passes a game. I think ratcheting up the hurry up to Patriot levels will help with that, as a lot of the running plays that the Patriots are successful with are being set up by the defense not being set. This allows the offense to catch a defensive in a reactionary mode instead of an attacking mode. It clearly works in this league.

Many times are running plays are too obvious. The defense knows what's coming especially in 3rd and 1 situations. Many a drive has stalled because of not being able to convert a 3rd and 1.

We will win a bunch of games next year, but what may make it a Superbowl year is incorporating an offense that Manning is comfortable with, that will work, and that will put the offense in the best position to make a play, without the crutch of the 10 plays Manning is willing to run.
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