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Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
I know it's sad, but you guys need to realize that the rest of the division isn't going to be able to beat out the Broncos for the next couple of years.

You guys will be a top 4 seed again and will have another chance to make a run in '13 and '14 at the least.
If more kFc fans posted as well as you I might not have as much hate for your team.

Sadly it is going to take about 10 FL's to counter 1 Bob, and 1 kFcSTUD.

FL is right, Oakland is the only other franchise with any kind of stability and they are in need of a QB and have a lot of rebuilding yet to do, kFc will be totally remade, they will be better, 2-14 is hard to do with the parity in the NFL these days. Chuggers have the least rebuilding needed, if McCoy can play to Rivers strenghts they could give us fits and keep us from sweeping the division.

PM is going to win lots of RS games, he will take Plummers mark of just winning games to a new level. Playoffs are another thing, we really need to have a top teir run game to rely on if we want a SB.
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